Billig Leiebil Barcelona – 10 Reasons to Go There

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia in Spain, and the city that has everything tourists might be interested in – history, rich culture, spectacular, extraordinary architecture as well as active and joyful lifestyle. 

If you are planning to travel somewhere, here are ten reasons why you should consider Barcelona as your next travel destination.

Discover the Genius of Gaudí’s Buildings

Discover the Genius of Gaudí’s Buildings

Talking about Barcelona one cannot help mentioning the extraordinary creations of the most famous architect of the city – Antoni Gaudí. His peculiar and postmodern approach is best exemplified by the Sagrada Família – a basilica that has been in construction for more than a century. 

Another place that has been constructed based on Gaudí’s designs is Park Güell which is a park with many colorful mosaics, paths and structures resembling animals. Casa Batlló and Casa Milà (La Pedrera) are the other popular Gaudí architectures which exemplify his creativity in form, light, and color.

Explore the Gothic Quarter

Explore the Gothic Quarter

Barri Gòtic, also known as the Gothic Quarter, is a historical district in the center of Barcelona. It features an excellent layout, with narrow, meandering streets, with medieval architecture, small and concealed courtyards, and several landmarks. There is a famous cathedral of Gothic architecture – Barcelona Cathedral where tourists can start their tour.

If you happen to walk in the meandering roads, you will come across good quality shops, small cafes, and trendy wine joints. The Gothic Quarter again has an interesting background and the dark, mysterious atmosphere of the Quarter is rather inviting.

Relax on Beautiful Beaches

Relax on Beautiful Beaches

There are countless miles of beaches in Barcelona allowing people to have fun and even to have a rest on them. Among them, Barceloneta Beach is the most popular one and located close to the city center and is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and watching people. 

If you prefer less crowded beaches, you should visit Bogatell or Mar Bella beaches, for example. They are perfect for relaxing in the Mediterranean climate, practicing water activities, or taste delicious fish shacks by the sea.

Savor Catalan Cuisine

Savor Catalan Cuisine

While traveling to Barcelona, make sure you take the time to taste delicious Catalan dishes. One of the most popular dishes is tapas which are small plates of savory food, such as patatas bravas, shrimps in garlic, and jamón ibérico. 

You should also give some of the local specialties a go, including paella – a rice dish with seafood or meat – and crema catalana – a dessert similar to crème brûlée. Food lovers can never go wrong with exploring the city’s colorful lively food markets like La Boqueria which sells fresh fruits, fish, meats, and different tapa or snacks unique to Barcelona.

Experience the Vibrant Nightlife

It’s great to know that Barcelona has a particularly vibrant nightlife and there are several places to go out at any time of the night. Some popular nightspots include swanky rooftop venues and cool jazz lounges, big-name discos, and tropical beach-shack raves. 

Some of the most famous nightlife areas are El Born, where there are many trendy bars and music venues, and Eixample, where some of the oldest and most famous nightclubs are located. Whether you want to start your night with drinks and beers or enjoy dancing all night, Barcelona does not disappoint.

Wander Through Park Güell

Park Güell is a work of Antoni Gaudi, which is not only a park but a true fairy tale in the middle of the city. It is full of whimsical colorful mosaics, curvy walkways, and playful structures typical of the master Gaudí. 

These are, for example, the famous mosaic salamander referred to as “El Drac” and the curvy bench in the form of a serpent allowing folks seated on it to enjoy a breathtaking view of Barcelona. The park is a unique combination of natural and artistic features that attract people who are interested in both the arts and nature.

Indulge in Art and Culture

The city of Barcelona is rich in culture especially in the art sector. This city has numerous museums and galleries and people can see artworks ranging from the classical to the modern and postmodern. One of the most popular museums in the city, which is located in the Gothic Quarter, is the Picasso Museum containing over 300 works of the famous artist. 

Joan Miró Foundation which is located in Montjuïc Hill is a museum established in honor of Joan Miró, a surrealist painter. Also, the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) provides a broad insight into the Catalan art of the Romanesque period up to the 20th century.

Explore the Montjuïc Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain is a show performed by water, light and music which charms people of all ages and it is located in Montjuïc. Sited at the foot of Montjuïc Hill, the fountain features spectacular nightly shows involving multi-colored lights, computerized water jets, and music including both pops and classics. 

The best time to visit the Magic Fountain is at dusk in the evening as this makes the experience magical. It is also recommended to visit the Montjuïc Castle, the Palau Nacional, where the MNAC is located.

Stroll Along Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is one of the most popular streets in Barcelona which is a pedestrian zone running from Plaça de Catalunya to the sea. Flanked by shops, cafes, trees, and street performers, Las Ramblas is one of Barcelona’s most popular promenade’s for an evening walk. 

Some notable sights along the route are the Gran Teatre del Liceu – a famous opera house – and the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria – a colorful food market. Despite the fact that the Las Ramblas is quite touristy, it is teeming with life and located in the heart of the city, which is why you shouldn’t miss it.

Why Rent a Car to Explore Barcelona? 

Barcelona is a city rich in culture, history, and stunning architecture, but to truly experience everything it and its surrounding regions have to offer, renting a car can be an excellent choice. 

Here are a couple of compelling reasons why you can check out leiebil Barcelona as soon as possible:

Freedom to Explore Beyond the City

While Barcelona itself is packed with incredible sights and activities, the surrounding areas are equally captivating and worth exploring. Renting a car gives you the freedom to venture beyond the city limits and discover lesser-known gems such as Montserrat, a stunning mountain range with a famous monastery, or the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava. You can also take a scenic drive to the picturesque towns of Girona and Tarragona, each with its own unique charm and historical significance.

Convenience and Flexibility

Public transportation in Barcelona is efficient, but it can sometimes be limiting when it comes to timing and accessibility. With a rental car, you have the flexibility to create your own schedule and travel at your own pace. 

This is especially beneficial if you’re traveling with family or a group of friends, as it allows for spontaneous stops and detours without the constraints of bus or train schedules. Additionally, having a car can make it easier to transport luggage, shopping bags, or sports equipment if you plan to engage in activities like hiking or surfing.

Access to Scenic Drives

Catalonia, the region surrounding Barcelona, is home to some of Spain’s most beautiful landscapes. Renting a car allows you to enjoy scenic drives through rolling vineyards, along dramatic coastlines, and through charming countryside villages. The C-31 highway, for example, offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea as you drive along the coast, while the roads leading to the Pyrenees provide stunning mountainous scenery.

Visiting Remote Attractions

Some of the most interesting attractions in and around Barcelona are located in more remote areas that are not easily accessible by public transportation. Having a car enables you to visit places like the Penedès wine region, where you can tour vineyards and sample local wines, or the medieval town of Besalú, known for its well-preserved Romanesque architecture and picturesque stone bridge.

Enhanced Comfort

Traveling by car offers a level of comfort that public transportation cannot match. You can enjoy climate control, spacious seating, and the convenience of being able to stop whenever you need to. This is particularly important during the hot summer months or when traveling with young children or elderly family members.

Time Efficiency

While public transportation in Barcelona is generally reliable, it can be time-consuming, especially when traveling to multiple destinations in one day. Renting a car allows you to maximize your time by reducing travel times between attractions. You can also avoid the hassle of waiting for buses or trains and navigate directly to your desired locations.

Discover Hidden Gems

One of the greatest joys of traveling by car is the ability to discover hidden gems that are off the beaten path. You might stumble upon a charming village, a secluded beach, or a local festival that you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. These unexpected discoveries can often become the most memorable parts of your trip.

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